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From Bob Reid on Dec 3, 2015, regarding what still needs to be moved from the archive site to the current site or other sources of truth (,

Here are my top 10 in order of priority (see sidebar of old website):

1. Results History (including Island Series)
2. Links
3. Tony Austin Photos (These photos are a off site link. The destination of the link has been down for long time. We may not be able to get at these photos any longer.)
4. Trail Map Links
5. Newsletters - DONE Dec 2015 dbakewel
6. Member Profiles
7. Club History (under Membership)
8. Gary Barber Articles - DONE Dec 2015 dbakewel
9. Scrapbook (Stories from old Home Page)
10. Comedy Corner

In looking at the new website an attempt has been made to move some of the above topics over already. Some files work fine, others don't. The first place to start is to look at and check the links under Training Resources. Here are a few problems:

1. BC Provincial Park Maps are okay as are Saanich Parks and Peaks of the CRD. All of the CRD Parks links don't work and these are the most important trail maps that our club members access regularly.
2. Thetis Lake Area - Again "Page Not Found" and "Content Not Found" show up often as you go through the 7 different topics.
3. Archived Results - Not Found.
4. PIH 2013 Results - Not Found for Elk/Beaver Ultras.
5. Training Ideas - Galloway (2 files) Not Found, Lydiard, Not Found.

It may just be a simple matter of restoring the links or substituting with new links. Hope this helps

To set up someone to archival work they will need access to:

  • joomla author access
  • account access
  • Depending on how races and photos are transfered they may also need access to and



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