There's a movement afoot, it's been eventual,
Ladies are trading tupperware parties for a racing schedule.
The forerunners of which are Martha, Christine and Jane.
Although they don't lead the pack, they're ahead of the game.

They're middle-aged women with new-age visions,
Who are making a statement in their age divisions.
They'll show up at the Highland Games wearing a tartan.
And race around the field while the bagpipes hearten.

Then that evening it's the Run Series, so tighten those laces,
For back-to-back, back-to-back, back-to-back races.
But don't stop there, tomorrow's a new day,
And there's a GutBuster for Martha at the Western Speedway.

In June it's Mt. Tzou for Martha and Jane,
Then that night they join Christine at the track again.
My mind's in a whirl as my brain muses and wonders,
Do these gals ever have time to take off their runners?

Now go forth fair ladies, with aprons unfurled.
For 50+ is a brave new world!




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